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Lufthansa AIRBUS A350 Air SHOW with a WING WAVE

Lufthansa AIRBUS A350 Air SHOW with a WING WAVE (4K)Today the first Airbus A350 of Lufthansa in new colors paid a visit at a small airport in germany and performed a small airshow with a pretty interesting wing wave because of a christening event. The Aircraft received the name “Dortmund” but it wasn` t allowed to land at the airport cause the biggest airplane which is allowed to land there is an Airbus A321.

They announced a double low pass at the airport and I was hoping for a wing wave and as you can see the wing wave happened. A wing wave is usually performed by aircrafts to greet the audience which is watching the plane pass by but it` s quite rare to see such a manoeuvre by such a big civil plane.

It was also the first time for me to see an Airbus A350 in the new Lufthansa colour sheme. What do you think about the new livery?

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