Drone Champions League (DCL) Trailer

Drone Champions League (DCL) TrailerDrone Champions League (DCL) https://dcl.aero
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Qualification races consist of time-trials where a team’s collective result determines where it will be placed for the final rounds. During the quarterfinal and semifinal rounds, two teams of four pilots compete in 3 heats. The first and second heats are called “single heat” as each race is 1 vs. 1. The winner gets 1 point for his team. Heat 3, or the “big heat”, is 4 vs. 4 where all 4 team pilots are flying. The winning team gets 1 point, a bonus of 2 points is given if 3 pilots from the same team finish in the top 3 positions. The team with the most points through 3 heats moves onto the next round. During Final round, there are 5 heats. Each pilot from each team competes in a “single heat” (total of 4 single heats) and the final heat is again a “big heat”.

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