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AIRBUS 380 INVASION – A380` s EVERYWHERE !!Last monday four Emirates Airbus 380` s showed up at our “small” Düsseldorf Airport which was a very unusal sight. The evening before an Emirates Airbus 380 had a technichal issue and had to stay at the airport. Usually we have two scheduled Airbus 380 flights daily and last monday an additional A380 had to show up to pick up the stranded passengars of the defect evening flight.

All in all we had four A380` s (three flights and one defect Airbus on the ground) which allowed quite interesting footage possibilities especialy because Emirates even sent the special painted wildlife livery. We only have a single A380 gate at the airport so Emirates had to schedule the flights perfectly which turned out quite succesful. Whenever an A380 left the airport the next Emirates Airbus 380 was already on the ILS as you can see in my timelaps footage.

Emirates is the biggest Airbus 380 operator in the world. Currently they operate 95 Airbus 380 aircrafts and 11 are still on order. It` s very impressive to see an Airlines with 106 Airbus 380 aircrafts in its fleet.

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