FS2004 – Piper Seneca III

FS2004 – Piper Seneca III. I only take credit for the panel I have designed and done flight changes in the aircraft.cfg to get it as best as I can when I flew the real Seneca. Fuel flow, prop controls, rate of climb. Credit goes to the original designer of this great aircraft. It is his design and please do not steal it from him or try to make money out of it. We are all in this for fun. I have combined many things in this from flightsim to make it the Ultimate Seneca. I hope you agree after flying it. Don’t ask me about the Garmin Glass Cockpit. Search the manuals your self. this one is great and everything works on it. You cannot get lost in this aircraft. You have a fully functioning Garmin Glass Cockpit. Every navigational aid at your fingertips. Every button in the cockpit works as real life as the real thing.

By Glenn Taylor

26.5 MB

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