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Airbus patents new hybrid vertical take-off plane

airbus_patent_vertical_takeoffAnother innovation by Airbus was revealed as it has submitted a patent for a new design of aircraft which is able to take-off vertically and switch to normal flight.

The video of the design shows that the aircraft is equipped with 2 electric rotors in each wing that give a resemblance of a quadcopter drone.  The rotors will provide power for the vertical landing and take-off from a helipad or another flat surface. A single propeller will provide the thrust during horizontal flight.


Airbus designed the vertical rotors which can be stowed inside the pylons installed on the wings, and each of pylons will stow two rotors. After the vertical take-off, the rotors will automatically stop and enter the pylons while the main propeller is already working for horizontal flight.

This design has two versions – civil and military. Information on aircraft dimensions and production time have not been disclosed yet.

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