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Hi Fly Airbus A340-500 Take-off

RARE: Hi Fly Airbus A340-500 Take-off RWY 23 @ Toronto Pearson Int’l June 11, 2016Hello everyone! Today, after returning from the Base Borden Canadian Armed Forces Day and Air Show, I decided to help myself to a little bit of plane spotting. Last night, someone found AFR356’s flight to be operated by an Airbus A340-500. We quickly said that they have no -500’s, only -300’s. And then someone showed us a screen shot from Air France’s website that showed us that Hi Fly was operating the flight due to a reported 4 day pilot strike in Paris, and then it hit me CS-TFX would be operating the flight, and it was! In my time spotting, this was the third time this aircraft visited Toronto. 1st time was to make a substitution for a SkyGreece flight from Budapest to Toronto, it was in my 2015 Toronto Airside Tour here… and the 2nd time it came was in February 2016 for a Syrian Refugee Charter, but it arrived early morning and left during school hours so I couldn’t’ see it. But today, I knew I couldn’t get the arrival of it cause I was at the Air Show, but the departure. Even with the 1hr50min delay, I got it. I’m happy to say I got an Airbus A340-500 at Toronto since there are not many of them left in service anymore. Enjoy the video everyone and I’ll catch you all in the next one!

RARE CALCULATOR: Mega Rare, 8/10 (Especially for an Airbus A340-500)

HEADS UP! From June 11 and on, this Hi Fly is slated to be operating all the Air France flights for 4 days so get it while you can.

Airline: Hi Fly
Flight: AFR351
Call sign: “AIR FRANCE 351”
Aircraft: Airbus A340-542
Registration: CS-TFX
Destination: Paris Charles de Gaulle (LFPG)

Date Filmed: 2016-06-11
Time: 20:21 HRS LOCAL

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