FS2004 – GIS Landclass Scenery


FS2004 – GIS Landclass Scenery. These files contain the landclass scenery for the entire world for the following landclass types:7’756 Cities, 85’280 Suburbs, 75’403 Towns, 905’145 Villages. These are the normal LOD tiles (NO Polygons). The data was taken from October 2015 GIS data and then converted into landclass files. There is ONE tile per city/suburb/town/village ONLY. The data is only as accurate as the GIS data but gone are the days when you’re flying over long stretches of fields without even a village or town. Sometimes village and towns are close together and go into the same tile. In that case, the priority is City->Suburb>Town->Village. In other words, a town wins over a village etc.

2.5 MB

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