FSX/FS2004 – Zeppelin LZ-114 and Dixmude

Dixmude - L72

FSX/FS2004 – Zeppelin LZ-114 and Dixmude.Before the First World War, airships had been used as commercial airline carriers and for reconnaissance vehicles by the Army, no one had considered using them as bombers. Designed by Count Ferdinand Von Zeppelin, the airships were built from a rigid cigar shaped metal structure of circular frames connected by longitudinal beams. This made them strong enough to be fitted with engines and to carry a useful payload. There were steering fins at the rear and gondolas suspended below for the crew and engines. More crew compartments were inside the main frame as well as spaces for cargo and bags that contained the hydrogen gas for lift. This aircraft was tested in FS2004 and FSX Gold Edition, both with Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

By Flyandy Andreas Becker

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One thought on “FSX/FS2004 – Zeppelin LZ-114 and Dixmude

  • I have tried this in FSX Steam Edition (equivalent to Acceleration I think), and it does not work too well on that. Almost as soon as I start attempting to fly in Free Flight mode, the airship just shakes uncontrollably and crashes within about ten seconds. No stability at all. It installed fine though and all the controls and gauges are where they should be, I think.

    Two things would help a lot: 1) wheels so that the airship can move on the ground and also land! Real airships have wheels, and I think old ones like these two had them at least sometimes. 2) More detailed instructions on exactly how to fly the thing. What’s the ideal throttle setting for taking off/cruising/descent, for example? To what extent should the elevator control be used for ascending or descending? How much rudder control is needed to turn left or right? Can a joystick be used, or do you have to manipulate the wheels with the mouse? (The throttle at least can be controlled with a joystick.) And what on earth do those things in the left-hand corner do? Are they ballasts or something?

    Airships are one type of aircraft that have been left out of FSX, and I love the idea of having one or two to fly. Unfortunately, this particular craft is either not really well configured for my version of FSX, or I may be doing something wrong, but can’t possibly tell what because the instructions on flying it are next to non-existent.

    Perhaps it will work for you better than it does for me. I hope it will, but unfortunately for me, it’s gone the same way as the Hindenburg. 🙁


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