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Lufthansa Boeing 747-8i Landing 2016

Lufthansa Boeing 747-8i Landing RWY 24R @ Toronto Pearson Int’l January 31, 2016IN THIS VIDEO: Hello everyone!

First off, apologies if I haven’t been uploading lately, I had a lot of school work to do and I just finished my exams last week. I also have two other interests I was currently occupied with which would be Bird Watching and Rail Fanning. If either of you happen to be either of these as well, let me know and I’ll send you a link to my other channels dedicated to those interests.

But now for the main thing. Yesterday, I got briefed that Lufthansa would be sending a Boeing 747-8i for today’s flight, DLH470 and this would be there 3rd time doing so. And of course, me being a Boeing 747-8 lover, I didn’t care that I had already seen it twice, I went out to go catch it a third time. We assembled on the Parking Garage by RWY 23 and we waited there, spotting some planes as Lufthansa got closer. When he called in on Toronto Centre, he didn’t get a RWY plan until before he got on arrival at which he was at 13,800 feet when Center said told him to plan RWY 24R. I had already got ready in case they would tell him and as soon as we heard RWY 24R, all 35 of us booked it in the car to RWY 24R.

When we got to RWY 24R, I suggested to go to Arizona’s, but the other guys had a completely different spot in mind. The BWP Airport Parking Garage, and there, well I have to admit it, I have never been there, but it worked out perfectly. We waited till Lufthansa was on final and then went out in the rain to get the shots/videos of it landing. An amazing catch one again and another rainy Boeing 747-8i arrival, just like May of 2015. Enjoy!!


Airline: Lufthansa
Flight: DLH470
Call sign: “LUFTHANSA 470 HEAVY”
Aircraft: Boeing 747-830
Registration: D-ABYL
Origin: Frankfurt Int’l (EDDF)

Date Filmed: 2016-01-31
Time: 16:38L

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