Survitec debuts world’s most comprehensive SAR safety survival range

Survitec debuts world's most comprehensive SAR safety survival rangeSurvitec Group is pleased to announce a new extended range of search and rescue (SAR) products aimed at its loyal base of military and civil aviation customers. A new Aviation SAR product catalogue is also being launched very soon.

Well known for its air-droppable RFD branded SAR liferafts, Survitec can now supply a number of complementary products for rescue professionals ranging from first aid kits and defibrillators to rescue harnesses, stretchers and strobe lights. Customers will be able to satisfy many of their SAR requirements though a single dependable supplier.

The company’s new catalogue lists the full range of products available under categories covering lifejackets, liferafts, survival suits, medical assistance, signalling & communication and rescue and recovery.

This extended range builds on Survitec’s long-established reputation and success in the SAR market. The company’s RFD SAR Raft is the number-one choice of liferaft for many of the world’s air forces and rescue organisations. Survitec supplies standard rafts from 4 to 18 person capacity with larger custom sizes also available to meet specific customer requirements.

Said David Stelling, Survitec’s Aviation Sales Manager: “We are very pleased to announce our enhanced range of SAR products. We enjoy excellent relationships with our customers in this market and we know they like dealing with us. Offering additional SAR products and providing a one-stop solution to their procurements needs makes sense for them and for us. We will continue to develop and extend this range in the months ahead, for the benefit of both existing and new customers.”

Source and image: survitecgroup

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