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General Aviation at Barbados

General Aviation at BarbadosUnfortunately, this is my last video from Barbados. To wrap things up nicely, I wanted to show you a handful of general Caribbean aviation which flies in and out of Barbados. Those props sound amazing eh?

I would like to say a tremendous thank you to everyone who watched my footage from Barbados. I can honestly say by a clear mile, this year’s spotting trip in Barbados was definitely the best trip at BGI I have had to date. You can see why from my previous BGI uploads, that I managed to catch so many epic planes. I am very glad you liked my Barbados videos and I will probably be back in Barbados for more spotting next March!

After this video, I will go back to the typical Toronto Pearson uploads since I still have a lot of Toronto spotting from Feb. 22 to upload and I have recently been out plane spotting where I managed to catch a ton of amazing planes, some of them being firsts for me.

Here are your two options for Heavy Aircraft Friday for the day after tomorrow (NOTE: HARDEST CHOICE):

1) China Eastern A340-600 (2010 Expo livery)
2) Emirates A380-800

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Airport: Grantley Adams International Airport (BGI/TBPB)
Date Filmed: 2015-03-14
Camera: Canon VIXIA HFR500
Video Editor: Windows Movie Maker 8
ATC Scanner: Uninden BC72XLT

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