Mallorca X Evolution Available Now

mallorca-x-evolutionNeed a holiday break? Now is the time to fly to the Mediterranean! And just in time SimWings have released their re-worked scenery of Mallorca X. This package features the whole island with photorealistic ground textures and both island airports Son Bonet (LESB) and Palma (LEPA).

The scenery features exact coastlines, mesh and completely new designed airports as well as photorealistic ground images covering the complete island in a breathtaking resolution of 0,5m/pixel be it day or night. Also included is AESLite (FSX only / NOT for the FSX: Steam Edition and P3D), bringing dynamic apron traffic as well as traffic to the surroundings of the airport.

Both island airports, “Son Bonet” LESB and the international airport of Palma LEPA have been modeled to the smallest of details with numerous objects, houses, etc. Safegate parking systems as well as highly detailed AFCAD and or AFX files for AI traffic make it a lively and highly realistic airport to fly to.

mallorca-x-evolution-46 mallorca-x-evolution-16 mallorca-x-evolution-04

So what are you waiting for? Fly to Mallorca and enjoy your holiday.

Mallorca X Evolution features and changelog:

  • Aerial image partly updated with new streets and parking lots near the airport.
  • Removal of ?flat cars? from the aerial image at the airport. Replaced by 3D-Cars.
  • Revision of static vehicles.
  • New static vehicles such as buses, baggage carts, etc.
  • Railing on high streets in the area of the airport.
  • Revisions of all textures, a few are regenerated.
  • New terminal and Apron.
  • Grass between taxiways.
  • New ground shadows with pre-rendered lights (Ray tracing Lights).
  • Completely new taxiway lines for PP,taxiways etc. incl. new marking.
  • Modification of taxiway sign markings with new taxiway titles.
  • New taxiway, RWY lightning and 3D apron lightning.
  • Updates of existing buildings and addition of new buildings in the area of the airport. (i.e. GA terminal, car wash installations, taxi shelter, parking roofs, apron approach)
  • New regeneration of the industrial park next to RWY 06R.
  • Adaption of the autogen in the area of the airport.
  • Completely new night lighting with partly pre-rendered lights (Ray tracing lights).
  • Changeover of the airport ground to landclass- photoscenery instead of texture tiles.
  • DX10 compatible (except for safe gate-model, therefore ?DX10-Fixer 2.7? is required, which is recommended for the DX10 usage anyway).
  • Airfield Son Bonet unmodified, but DX10 compatible like island objects.
  • Compatible with AES (Airport Enhancement Services) (FSX only / NOT compatible with the FSX: Steam Edition and P3D)


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