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Athens to Larnaca Cockpit Takeoff/Landing

Athens to Larnaca Cockpit Takeoff/Landing

From pushback to shutdown! Join the crew in the flight deck of a Cyprus Airways Airbus A320-232 and watch all procedures of a passenger flight from Athens to Larnaca. Enjoy the great view and the everyday life many aviation enthusiasts would wish for.

Join the flight crew in the cockpit of a Cyprus Airways Airbus A320-232 on flight CYP313 from Athens to Larnaca! Watch the captain and first officer in action, as they taxi to the runway, spool the engines up, takeoff, travel 500 nautical miles to Cyprus and land at Larnaca International Airport. Watch all the in flight procedures starting from pushback and engine startup, taxi to the holding point of runway 21L of LGAV, takeoff, climb to cruising altitude, cruise, descent, approach, landing, taxi and shutdown. All checklists and flows are included for your aviation pleasure.
With dual cameras positioned in the cockpit, you can get a brilliant pilot’s view or sidestick view during landing!
It’s just another day at the office for them, yet such a great adventure, and a dream for many aviation enthusiasts.

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