GE90 engine on Boeing 777 replaced in less than seven hours

9a870e835083d480bfdc1f12c54c2b22Etihad Airways’ Technical Maintenance department has just set a new world record by replacing a GE90 engine on one of its Boeing 777 passenger aircraft in less than seven hours.

With an engine inlet cowling diameter of 3.4 metres, and overall length of 7.4 metres, the GE90 engine weighs approximately eight tonnes, and is capable of delivering an extraordinary 115,000 pounds of thrust – making it the largest and most powerful commercial aircraft engine in use today.

The time taken to replace an aircraft engine is usually between 20 and 25 hours, which can cause significant operational disruption to flight schedules and ultimately reduce profitability.

The world record was achieved overnight at the Etihad Airways Light Maintenance facility on 10 November 2014 by a team of 12 mechanics and engineers from the airline’s Technical Department, who have been looking at ways to enhance efficiency and minimise aircraft down times due to scheduled engine replacements.

Source and image: Etihad

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