B/E Aerospace and ATR sign global distribution agreement

87eb6b98d74fed5961ae64f66987dba0ATR announced that it has signed a three-year agreement with B/E Aerospace Consumables Management, supplier of aerospace fasteners and consumables, for distribution of consumables, expendables and standard hardware parts for ATR aircraft.

ATR selected B/E Aerospace as its preferred partner thanks to B/E’s integrated global network, real-time inventory systems, and proven one-to-one personal attention to customer relationships around the world.

Under the agreement, ATR customers will have the choice of entering into individual agreements with B/E Aerospace Consumables Management to access a portfolio of up to 25,000 part numbers from over 3000 key suppliers through a single source. B/E Aerospace will act as the focal point for ATR operators, procuring and managing the parts, and providing them to the customer’s main warehouse facility, as required. B/E Aerospace will provide additional value through guaranteed fill rates that will be achieved by streamlining supply chain processes through material planning and inventory control.

“By consolidating material planning, supplier management and quality, and ordering and stocking activities to B/E Aerospace; we can provide better pricing and improved service reliability for the customers,” stated John Cuomo, Group Vice President and General Manager, B/E Aerospace Consumables Management.

Source and image: ATR

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