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FSX Movie Blackbird

FSX Movie Blackbird

I hope you enjoyed the movie, I’m really pleased how this project came out. I tried allot of new techniques including some basic motion blur and color correction which is a first for me. I know I said Operation BlackBuck was going to be my last major project, but I’ve been able to find some time before I start flight College and I wanted to try and create my best work to date.

The story was meant to show a mix between reality and fantasy when it comes to the SR-71’s operational life.

The story’s narrative starts in southern California with the Blackbird departing and rapidly getting refueled for a epic journey over the Atlantic, getting refueled many times over, until it reaches the Russian homeland. Again this is where I’ve departed from reality, as no Blackbird ever overflew mainland Russia and most operated out of RAF Mildenhall for such a mission profile.After the Blackbird penetrates Russian airspace 2 MiG 25’s scramble and try to intercept the Blackbird. They’re no match for Blackbird, both aircraft stall trying to zoom climb up.Once the MiG’s fail to intercept SAM missiles are fired, once again the Blackbird outpaces the danger. Next we see the Blackbird returning home after its round the world mission.

Add-ons used:

Alphasim SR-71
TacPack for the SAM site and rockets.
Kansk-Dalny XNKG
ORBX Global

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