Tuifly Boeing 737-800 Wheelie Landing

Tuifly Boeing 737-800 Wheelie Landing – Close View – LCLK Plane Spotting – ATC Comms

Well this is interesting! The time interval between main and nose gear touchdown is usually a few seconds for the 737-8K5, but in this landing the nose gear took more than 10 seconds to touch down! It can only be described as a “wheelie landing” by aviation enthusiasts, with the pilot (intentionally or unintentionally) resisting to push forward on the yoke to bring the nose gear down. We sure do this for fun in general aviation aircraft! Also notice the red anticollision (?) light at the moment of main gear touhdown form what looks like a lightsaber, as the light penetrates the smoke created by wheel friction with the runway surface. A two in one special landing for you!

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