We Love Plane Spotting | SJC isn’t restricted

We Love Plane Spotting | SJC isn’t restricted

Here is my video dedicated to my plan to go to LAX, but I will leave SJC because some cops didn’t let me spot at the dirt hill as I got kicked out of Airport Blvd at SJC and that’s not my fault to spot there but it will be my last day of my plane spotting at SJC and then I’ll be new to LAX as I’ll be a plane spotter at LAX in August 2014. I’ll miss my girlfriend for a while and I will also write a note for my ESD/ESUHSD classmates. LOL, I’m just kidding, I just wanted to visit LAX and after that I’ll be spotting at SJC to catch those beautiful planes everyday. If the cops kick me out of the spotting place, that idiot who called the cops on the spotters shouldn’t do that unless it’s an emergency. Anyways, enjoy and more to come! 🙂

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