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Ryanair Boeing 737-8AS Cockpit

Ryanair Boeing 737-8AS Cockpit Demo-GPWS Test | LCPH-LGTS | 737 Yoke, Throttles, Displays and more!

Even though a big Airbus fan, I admit it that the 737NG cockpit is one of the most beautiful in the world! Viewing the yokes and the thrust levers from so close makes it hard for any aviation enthusiast to resist gripping and moving them, with a GPWS warning demonstration/test completing the experience! Step into a Ryanair 737-8AS cockpit and experience just that, while getting close-up shots of every bit of the cockpit, including the overhead, the glareshield, the radio panel, all the displays, as well as the outside views of Paphos and Thessaloniki airports.

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