Aeroflot Adds Platinum Level to Aeroflot Bonus Program

real_aviation_newsAeroflot has unveiled a new top tier and corporate identity for its Aeroflot Bonus loyalty program. Platinum level has been designed to reward the most valuable members of Aeroflot Bonus and to offer them options in keeping with first class service.

Platinum level will be available to passengers who complete 50 or more Aeroflot flights in business class within a year or accumulate at least 125,000 qualifying miles.

To meet the sophisticated demands of frequent flyers, Aeroflot offers Platinum card holders the highest level of service. They can call on the services of a personal assistant for help in obtaining tickets, booking top hotels and restaurants around the world, and other professional concierge services.

Platinum card holders have the option of a guaranteed reservation on all Aeroflot flights for paid economy-class tickets (24 hours before the flight) and business class (72 hours before the flight). In addition, four times a year they can book a reward flight for double miles even if there are no bonus seats on the flight (if paid seats are still available). All Platinum members receive an additional Aeroflot Bonus Gold Card to give to any member of the program.

Platinum members can check two additional free pieces of luggage and get 75% extra miles on their personal account for each flight with Aeroflot Group. Other benefits include the option to borrow up to 10,000 miles, rebook premium tickets without fees and penalties, and receive a free upgrade three times a year. Platinum level officially launched on February 1.

The new elite level was unveiled on January 31 at a gala event in Moscow attended by Aeroflot executives and the first Platinum card holders. Guests were welcomed by Aeroflot CEO Vitaly Saveliev and representatives of the company.

«Today Aeroflot is a highly successful premium airline that is recognized internationally for its top-quality service and young modern fleet», said Vitaly Saveliev. «We have made great progress in recent years as we continue to build our global reputation for excellence».

The event featured a special awards ceremony for the Aeroflot Bonus member with most business-class flights overall, the member with the most business-class flights in 2013, the member with the most qualifying miles overall, the member with the most qualifying miles in 2013, and the member holding elite status for longest.

Source and Photo: Aeroflot

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