FSX – The Grumman Seven Projects

70 (Medium)

FSX – The Grumman Seven Projects v1.1 (S2T-CDF). Grumman S2T CDF tankers for FSX portover. This Grumman Tracker S2T(urbo), Marsh Conversion, features functional VC model. Includes one aircraft with three textures, authentic custom sounds, and custom panels with aircraft specific gauges, and beautifully crafted exterior textures. This aircraft release is one of 15 Grumman Tracker/Trader/Tracer aircraft in a series release. These authentic CDF textures were done by “Firekitten”. By Milton Shupe, Scott Thomas, Tom Fliger, Nigel Richards, Rachel Whiteford, and Jan Visser with help from SOH members. Special retardant drop gauges by H. Naegele.

85 MB

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