FSX – Scenery Dallas November 22

Beautiful Day In Dallas

FSX – Scenery Dallas November 22, Texas (TX), USA. This scenery was created using default FSX objects and custom made objects. The scenery takes us back to that day in Dallas in 1962. Fast forward a couple of hours and when you go to Dallas Love Field, at the far end of the airport you will see the Boeing 707 Air Force One with the secret service preparing to load the casket on board for the flight back to Washington D.C. In addition to the obvious scenery this includes buildings and parking lots with cars as the default left Dallas lacking in buildings. Includes a version of Parkland Memorial Hospital which is actually a default object but it does add to the scenery. This is a scenery meant to remember JFK and the events of that day in history as well as to bring a touch of reality to FSX. By Dan Culver.

6.5 MB

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