Landing at Toms – on a logging road

t was either a 4 hour drive to my friends camp in northern Maine or 2 hours via super cub. I found on google earth a logging road which looked landable. I flew up and soon found my friends coming out of the woods wondering what in heck Cliff was up to! I found a spot on the logging road and landed.

The video makes it look much tighter than it actually is. I posted this on youtube and over the years ended up with about 16,000 hits -now it’s gone to 274,000 hits! Wow. My video camera shut off on takeoff due to the bumps so unfortunately I do not have the departure video. Please check out my other videos – type cdowjr into the search box on youtube and look for the ones which say By Clifford Dow.
I love making new pilot friends. Please check out my company website too – DOW.US.
We all know money keeps airplanes in the air – a good investment portfolio can put more in your pocket! Have a great day.

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  • October 20, 2013 at 21:12

    Thank you for a great video. Wish I was still young (age 77) and prosperous enough to lead this life style.


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