FSX – Double Pack Allied Cruisers

HMAS Sydney

FSX – Double Pack Allied Cruisers. Pilotable light cruisers HMS Amphion and HMAS Sydney. These models are very detailed CFS2 allied warships made by Usio no Ibuki in a high quality. They were converted to FSX by Lazarus Starkweather. This add-on provides a pilotable ship in two versions, both with 2D panel as navigation bridge and four VC cameras. The HMAS Sydney comes with camo textures and a straight catapult, the HMS Amphion comes with ready to launch swiveled catapult and crane. With these special features you can set Swordfish floatplanes onto the catapults or you can even swivel a torpedo launcher. Sixteen other cameras allow you to explore the ship plus three external camera views. Included are artillery, torpedo and general ship effects. Bitmaps and configuration by Erwin Welker.

13 MB

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