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ECA President: the EASA Committee’s vote on Flight Time Limitations is disappointing

aviation_newsPresident of the European Cockpit Association, Nico Voorbach stated he is disappointed with the vote in the European Aviation Safety Agency’s (EASA) Committee on the proposed rules for Flight Time Limitations on 11 July.

“It was our sincere hope that the EU Commission would improve the Flight Time Limitations proposal, especially after the Parliament hearing on 18 June, where it became clear that EASA ignored scientific evidence. We now learnt no improvements have been put forward and we are deeply unsatisfied with the final Commission proposal.

The decision taken on Friday not only disregards once again the unanimous advice of scientific experts but also ignores the negative vote of the Dutch Parliament, the only EU Parliament, which had discussed this proposal in depth. On behalf of all European pilots, I’d like to remind decision-makers that this proposal is unsafe and the vote by the EASA Committee is disappointing. We trust that Members of the European Parliament will examine the proposal thoroughly and take the necessary measures to improve it and make it safe. If this is not the case, the only other option is to reject the EU Commission proposal.”

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