FS2004 – VC-121A Constellation “Columbine II”

Columbine II 1

FS2004 – VC-121A Constellation “Columbine II””. The Lockheed C-121A Constellation is the military transport version of the L-749A Constellation. Delivered on 22 November 1948, this particular aircraft was soon converted to VC-121A VIP-transport. From November 1952 till November 1954 this was the personal transport of President Dwight D. Eisenhower. In 1952, President Eisenhower was flying to Florida. The Presidential plane was named ‘Columbine II’ (after the official flower of Colorado, the First Lady’s home state), but it was identified to flight controllers as “Air Force 610” (from its tail number 48-610). However, flying in the same general region was Eastern Airlines Flight 610. The Eastern Airlines pilot overheard a conversation between flight controllers and the President’s plane, and for a moment thought the references to flight “610” were meant for him. Although nothing untoward happened, the government realized that the confusion could have been tragic. Since then, any Air Force aircraft with the President on board has been referred to as “Air Force One.” Thus, the ‘Columbine II’ was the first aircraft to be distinguished with this designation, and she served President Eisenhower for several years in this role. The usual pilots were Acft. Cmdr. (Lt.) Col. William G. Draper and Pilot Maj. William W. Thomas. These textures have been tested in FS2004 only. However, they should also work in FSX. Repaint by Maarten Brouwer, with a big thank you to Eric Joiner for his permission to use his Columbine nose art.

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Columbine II 3

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