FSX – Lost Terra – The Time Door Mission


FSX – Lost Terra – The Time Door Mission, Max REX e-pulp story and adventure flight. The telegram which Max had just read opened another opportunity for the pilot to go on another expedition and on to new adventures. Eileen Trellis told him that his DC-3 would be needed for a group of fourteen scientists, supplies and baggage. The money would help him buy the new engine for the plane, much needed to say the least. Destination? Madagascar, the mysterious island not well explored up to now, 1938 was full of surprises, and this island which many thought of it as a small continent would be very interesting if not expectacular! He had read in Popular Mechanics an article Dr. Trellis had written were he put forward that there could be a “Time Door” that warped space and time on the mysterious island… Max walked to the Telegraph office and sent his answer “DC-3 Ready for expedition-STOP–When will you arrive-STOP–$35,000 to and from–STOP–no discounts–Stop–Max REX Pilot… He is counting on you as his co-pilot, will you go? By Gera Godoy Canova

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