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Embraer Executive Jets Certifies Prodigy Touch for Phenom 300

hqdefaultWith the certification of the new Prodigy Touch Avionics Suite for the Phenom 300 by ANAC – Agência Nacional de Aviação Civil and the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration, Embraer Executive Jets revolutionizes the interface between pilots and avionics, giving pilots the first touchscreen-controlled glass flight deck specifically designed for light turbine aircraft.

“The Prodigy Touch benefits from all the existing Prodigy Flight Deck features but enhances the experience with touch-screen technology that is so much a part of our daily lives today,” said Ernest Edwards, President, Embraer Executive Jets. “It is part of Embraer Executive Jets’ ongoing efforts to continually offer improvements that enhance situational awareness, safety and reduce pilot workload for a better overall flight experience.”

Prodigy Touch, a breakthrough in cockpit philosophy based on the Garmin G3000 platform, will be available as an option for the Phenom 300 beginning in the fourth quarter of 2013. The Prodigy Touch Flight Deck makes extensive use of the latest technologies in a highly integrated and automated architecture. Designed with the “quiet-and-dark” philosophy, the touch-screen technology is based on human factors design and intelligent automation specifically focusing on single-pilot operation.

The three-display, state-of-the-art avionics features large, higher resolution, 14.1-inch displays, two of which are configured as Primary Flight Displays (PFDs) while the other is configured as a Multi-Function Display (MFD). All are capable of split-screen functionality to show additional information when the Multifunctional Window (MFW) is active without losing information. The split-screen mode provides the capability of displaying maps, charts, electronic documents, system synoptics and flight plan information, all in addition to the core information of each display.

The system also features two, 5.7-inch, touch-screen controllers that consolidate several interfaces once separately located in the cockpit panel.  These controllers serve as primary point of entry for the Prodigy Touch system, and feature a desktop-style, icon-driven interface built on an easy to navigate menu structure, enabling access to systems and sensors with few keystrokes or page sequences.

Judged one of the top 15 most influential business aircraft of all time by industry press, the Phenom 300 is the roomiest in its class. The eight- to 11-seat aircraft has the best climb and field performance of any light jet. It is designed for 15% lower operating costs and offers the most range and speed in its class. The Phenom 300, as with all Embraer Executive Jet aircraft, set a new standard for light business jets and is the recipient of many international design and innovation awards.

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