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Boeing Airplane Health Management to support Aeroflot’s new 777 fleet

aviation_newsAeroflot, Russia’s flagship carrier, took delivery of its fourth 777-300ER airplane equipped with Airplane Health Management (AHM) solutions. AHM will be deployed on its entire fleet of 16 Boeing 777-300ERs.

“Although the 777 is a new airplane type for the airline, Aeroflot’s engineers will be able to take advantage of the data both Boeing and 777 operators have shared about this airplane’s ideal maintenance and performance,” said John Maggiore, director, Fleet and Maintenance Solutions, Boeing Digital Aviation. “They will be able to use this knowledge, captured in AHM, to immediately start operating at high levels of reliability.That’s the Boeing Edge we are so proud to deliver to our customers.”

Airplane Health Management is a solution developed by Boeing Commercial Aviation Services comprised of advanced software, analytics and services that help airlines make maintenance decisions that reduce flight schedule interruptions and increase maintenance and operational efficiency. AHM uses real-time airplane data to provide enhanced fault forwarding, troubleshooting and historical repair information. Aeroflot will operate its 777 fleet using all three modules of AHM: Real Time Fault Forwarding, Custom Alerting and Analysis and Performance Monitoring.

As a result, Aeroflot’s maintenance controllers and engineers on the ground will get real-time insight about specific issues that may be occurring on aircraft systems and components while the airplane is in flight, as well as a number of analytical tools to effectively troubleshoot problems.

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