Eastern Airlines Virtual Closes In On 100 Million Miles Flown

evaThe pilots here at Eastern Airlines Virtual have been busy. We are currently at 96.6 million miles flown to date and closing in on the 100 million mile mark. This is a great achievement for us at Eastern. This shows the dedication of our pilots and management staff. We currently have 144 pilots on our roster. This doesn’t make us the largest VA on the internet, but this does show that we are very active and enjoy this great hobby.

We use the VAFS acars system for keeping our records. These numbers show what we have done since using this system. Eastern adopted the VAFS acars in 2008. Since the introduction of the VAFS5 client last year, we have maintained the number one spot in the VAFS power rankings.

Eastern Airlines Virtual started in 1998 making us one of the oldest virtual airlines on the internet. Many thanks go to our CEO George Lehning for his hard work on keeping the airline operating. This is no easy task.

We welcome all pilots to check us out at If you are just starting or are a veteran pilot, we welcome all. You just need to have a great love for our hobby and can fly regularly. Eastern is a family oriented organization with a great bunch of pilots and staff.

Come and see how we earn our wings, everyday!

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