FS2004/FSX – Yakutia Sukhoi Superjet 100-95B


FS2004/FSX – Yakutia Sukhoi Superjet 100-95B. Yakutia Airlines Sukhoi Superjet 100-95B, registration RA-89012. Repaint for the Aeroprojecto-Venesim Superjet 100. This version is limited due to issues like virtual cockpit, FMS system, air supply and others are incomplete. However the aircraft can be flown freely or in autopilot regime, including LNAV and VNAV system that follow the route specified in the flight planner. This version has two liveries and a folder with the original “work templates”, however a pack with many liveries and a paint kit has been released by courtesy of Venesin. This project is in progress, updated versions will be coming. Aircraft By Edgar Guinart Lopez. Repaint by Venesim member Carlos Eduardo Salas.

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