FS2004 – Mustique Scenery

Mustique runway

FS2004 – Mustique Scenery (TVSM) in Grenadines, Caribbean. Mustique island is one of the northernmost of the group of islands known as St Vincent and the Grenadines. Mustique is a small island, less than 3 miles long and even at its widest less than a mile wide; as a result the resident population is less than 500. The island is unique in that it is owned by a company. The airport is at the northern end of the island; the runway is around 3240 feet long, aligned 09 (and with the southeast trade winds it is most unlikely that you will ever find yourself using 27) and with a steep and displaced threshold of over 900 feet; unfortunately FS2004 cannot replicate this. The terminal is a steel-framed shed with cladding, but is “quaintly” transformed with a palm frond roof, etc. There are connecting flights by SVG to Barbados and the other islands and these are reflected in the AI. The airport has no lighting, and flights are obliged to land and depart in daylight hours only, outside of which the airport is closed. By Roger Wensley.

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