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FSX – Phantom Temple of Gobleki-Tepe Mission


FSX – Phantom Temple of Gobleki-Tepe Mission. To his surprise another party was asking for his flying services so soon. Max REX heard the incredible story Dr. Wells and his beautiful daughter Lila told him with a low voice fearing for someone to hear him other than the pilot. If he accepted their check he would have to fly them and their expedition to the wild mountains of Turkey. The old doctor was sure that there was a thousand year old machine still working in those mountains. When Max asked him who had placed the so-called machine there, the beautiful Lila told him the “Iztakis” seventy three thousand years ago when they first came to earth had done it! Max almost choked and heard himself say “when do we leave”. Another episode of the famous pilot and gentleman MaxREX and you! A true e-pulp short story and adventure flight…a new way to enjoy your sim. By Gerardo Godoy Canova.

600 Kb

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