FS2004 – Saba Island

Saba 02 Airport

FS2004 – Saba Island (SABA) in eastern Caribbean. Saba is a small Caribbean island (3 miles long) and also the smallest municipality of the Netherlands. Saba is just under 30 miles south of St. Maarten, the island that was split between France and Netherlands; to the southeast and 20 miles away is the small island of St. Eustatius, then St Kitts and then Nevis. The island comes out of the water like the top of Everest and keeps going, and as a result there is no large flat space for a runway. As a result there is a small runway (aligned 12/30) of 1000 feet plus an over-run at each end that you are not supposed to land on (see the white crosses) for a usable total of 1150 feet on landing. Twin Otters land there but only in real life; FS2004 AI Twotters don’t seem to find it adequate. The airport has restricted access as there is only space for four planes to park, plus a helicopter. There is no fuel or any other facility at the airport except a small terminal building. Requires additional file Lesser Antilles Scenery Mesh (LESANTMS.ZIP). By Roger Wensley.

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