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FL Technics Training unveils its revolutionary program: ‘Prevention of the Overcapacity Problem’

hqdefaultFL Technics Training, a global provider of training services for aircraft maintenance personnel, is further developing its training programs having unveiled a special project, valued at €97,000 that is aimed at addressing the overcapacity issue in the MRO industry. Launched in early 2011, the project has already trained its first group of specialists, who together have successfully increased the workload of clients’ hangars by almost 30 percent in a mere 7 months.

In April 2011, FL Technics Training launched a special project, titled ‘Prevention of the Overcapacity Problem’. The project was aimed at investigating the overcapacity issue affecting aircraft hangars industry-wide, as well as to establish its roots and devise possible solutions. As a result of extensive research, the company has developed a unique training curriculum aimed at the cultivation of a fundamentally new generation of aviation specialists. Specifically, the curriculum aimed to develop the innate abilities of the students to ensure maximum results. It was anticipated that these students would be able to provide a 12-15% increase in the workload of MRO clients. However the outcome of their field work during the last 7 months has exceeded the initial expectations of FL Technics Training, with figures topping 29,6%.

‘As a training organization we feel obliged not only to prepare quality MRO professionals, but also to do as much as we can to ensure an adequate provision of future workplaces for our students. The POOP-program is purposely designed to ensure an ongoing demand for aircraft repair work. We have gathered the most talented of our student birds and trained them to use their natural resources while intercepting flying aircraft. As a result of such activity, we were able to ensure a steady workflow at our clients’ hangars,’ shared Dainius Sakalauskas, the Deputy Head of FL Technics Training.

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