vUAL 1.1 New Improvements Released

header_imgVirtual United Airlines is a non-profit volunteer hobby organization for simulation pilots, an environment in which the individuals can experience, learn, and have fun while conducting basic and advanced piloting skills using flight simulator software. vUAL prefers not to call itself a “virtual airline,” but rather a virtual organization. While simulating real world operations in flight simulator is a goal, vUAL wants to promote and teach all forms of aviation. vUAL would like to be a learning tool, where flight simulator users can come to experience a new level of both real and virtual aviation.

It is with my pleasure to announce the release of vUnited Airlines version 1.1! Since our opening late last week, vUAL’s staff has been at work to bring our pilots the forefront in cutting edge technology and realistic operations. Version 1.1 brings users the same abilities with added modules including:

Improvements to ACARS and new Custom Dispatch Center

Our custom-built ACARS client seamlessly integrates with the web site and booking system. The technology department has fixed the landing rate bug and made improvement enhancements in the latest release. We recently released our custom dispatch 1.0, where our pilots can get a touch of the real world aviation.

vUAL Enhanced Rewards Program with Pilot Shop

vUnited Pilots will now be rewarded for their flights in our new reward program, vUAL Rewards. The system is based off of a 1 point per nautical mile flown and pilots can use accumulated points to buy gift cards to or badges for our TeamSpeak 3 server and much more. As pilots gain more and more points, one can be promoted to the Silver, Gold, Platinum, or Platinum Plus in which they receive 3, 5, 8, 10 vUAL reward points per nautical mile respectively.

Knowledge Center

vUAL Knowledge Center is an optional feature of the web site which allows pilots to gain access to basic aviation techniques and take tests to determine their level of proficiency. More information to come in the April release of vUnited Contrails.

Monthly PIREP Performance and Incentive Program

We have added some competition at Virtual United. We have created our own Performance Incentive program, basic on filing a percentage of PIREP’s. We have set a monthly target goal of 80% or better, where pilots would need to file a PIREP and receive a payout. If we achieve our monthly target goal, every active pilot on our roster will receive 500 vUAL reward points in their vUAL Reward account. We will continue to engage our pilots to participate in our growing community.

Pilot Resource Center

Every good flight starts with proper planning and situational awareness. Pilots can utilize our Pilot Resource Center to gain access to the essentials of the aviation community. From support forums to charts and more, pilots will have all the tools needed to have a safe and enjoyable flight!

International Passport Program

When you travel abroad, it is no doubt you will get your passport stamped with the flag of the country you are about to enter. At vUAL, we offer pilots the same experience. Our International Passport Program will put a stamp on each pilot’s virtual “passport” for each country they visit!

In-Flight Entertainment System (IFS)

Do you ever get bored on long flights? Our technology department has found a solution through our customized IFS. The system will be integrated into the Pilot Center and pilots will be able to watch movies, listen to the radio and play games.

vUnited Contrails E-Magazine

Our monthly magazine is published every first week of the month and gives our members an overview of the virtual airline and current/future projects. In addition, members can find other interesting articles such as payware reviews and staff interviews. Pilots may also submit screen shots to be displayed throughout the e-Magazine.

vUAL Discount Program

The discount program is an added benefit that is offered to our pilots and staff. We look for ways to provide keep member retention through discounts from our partner vendors including Working Advantage which provides discounts for perks such as movie tickets and shopping offers through our own vUnited member code. vUAL is still in the process of signing more agreements with partner vendors (stay tuned for more information).

Statistics Center

vUAL’s comprehensive statistics center includes all the necessary data to view information pertaining to flights, domicile operations, and top pilots. In addition, pilots can view day to day statistics on the Virtual Network Operations Daily Status (NODS). NODS includes the same features as the main statistics page but is based off of a daily basis.

Looking Forward

We will continue to push forward with our Technology plan on enhancing our web site and add more features that are competitor to the flight simulation and virtual airline community. Recently, the staff completed our 2013 Go Forward Plan Orientation, vUAL organization goals for the year. It was a mandatory training which staff would be trained on the organization agenda for success. We are currently hiring Senior and Operational staff, if you are interested on becoming a staff member, please visit . Our virtual pilot recruitment status is currently open for all vUAL hubs, please visit We are running a launch promotion and the first 100 pilots will be receive 1000 vUAL Rewards points and be place in a drawing for a $25 e-certificate at our partner Pilot Shop.

We are looking forward to welcoming future pilots and staff to the latest, greatest and fastest aviation network.

Robert Sayles
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

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