American Airlines vLite Merges With US Airways

hqdefaultAmerican Airlines vLite opened its doors in 2011 having originated as a private VA. Recently we upgraded our site with the new American Airlines color scheme and taken on US Airways. We have incorporated over 800 scheduled flights and we still maintain our renown Free Flight Mode (Charter System) that permits you to create your own routes. Although we do not provide downloadable aircraft we are working on skins in the new AA color scheme for popular models later in the year. We have a very extensive fleet you can choose from in our Kacars flight tracking system.

We have found through experience that pilots like flying aircraft from their own hangar, very difficult to create skins for the divers models available.

There are many American Airline programs on the web and all have their uniqueness. Varying degrees of structure too “As real as it gets” most of us have been down that road through our VA careers and just want to chill and enjoy our flight simming without it having the flavor of a second job.

So what makes us unique? The lack of rigid structure. You fly what ever is in our hangar in free flight mode and you fly the assigned aircraft for a particular route. There is no restriction or rating system you need to graduate from to fly the next level. There is no training, we assume you can fly your sim or you wouldn’t be reading this. There is no VATSIM requirement, no bosses to lord over you. You come and go as you please, no one is going to bump you if you decide to take a break. If you wish to move on, just let us know. Our concern is you enjoying the game. Just having fun. Its not a job or a business.

We have only one rule. All flights have a minimum flight duration of one hour. in free flight charter mode. Scheduled routes dictate the flight durations.

So if your looking for a laid back name bran VA, please check us out. We also run Pan American vLite & USAF vGroup.

David Zaleski (CEO)
Roy Elliman (President)

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