FSX – Four 3D Virtual Panels For BD-5J


FSX – Four 3D Virtual Panels For BD-5JJ. This package contains four high-quality 3D virtual panels for Jez G’s BD5J model. These panels give era-appropriate layout and include various IFR configurations designed to turn the FSX BD-5J into an ideal IFR trainer, no matter what type of avionics you desire. Also a BD-5J checklist and reference sheet have been included. Panel layouts include: Basic – typical VFR 1980s configuration similar to the one in James Bond’s Octopussy movie; Classic – full IFR with HSI and RMI as might be seen in the 1990s; Hybrid – a combination of an early glass PFD with HSI and RMI. Idea taken from a real BD-5J with surplus b747 PFD; Airline – modern dual-display airline EFIS with PFD and MFD. By Gregory L. Adams.

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