Domodedovo rated the most punctual airlines in February, 2013

924b8e6757a14c51f31c7b95c4fda15cMoscow Domodedovo Airport announced winners of the monthly most punctual airlines contest. In February, 2013 the best airlines in eight different categories (depending on the flights frequency and the passenger traffic) are: Transaero Airlines, Ural Airlines, Saratov Airlines, Pskovavia, Uzbekistan Airways, British Airways, Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways International.

Transaero Airlines won in the first category and operated 1402 on-time flights in February. Ural Airlines became the leader in the second category and operated 430 flights without delays.

Saratov Airlines headed the third category and had 95 flights exactly according to schedule.

Pskovavia with 12 on-time flights won in the fourth category.

There are the following leaders in terms of punctuality among foreign airlines are: Uzbekistan Airways (the fifth category, 131 flights), British Airways (the sixth category, 70 flights without delays), Singapore Airlines (the seventh category, 38 on-time flights) and Thai Airways International (the eights category, 16 flights according to schedule).

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