Panavia Aircraft has signed a major contract to upgrade the Tornado jets in Italy

2ab85ecb9acf6dd2f6acaa12f0176a58On 21st February 2013 the MET 27 contract was signed between NETMA, represented by the General Manager, Jesus Prieto Pinillos, and Panavia, represented by the Managing Director, Dr. Welf-Werner Degel. The agreement demonstrates a commitment by all parties in achieving continued efficiencies on the programme; long-term support for the sustainability of aircraft and capability upgrades of the platform.

The objective of MET Contract Annex 27 is the integration of the two new Weapons, namely the Advanced – Anti Radiation-Guided- Missile (AARGM) and the Small-Diameter-Bombs (SDBs) on the Tornado RET 7 and RET 8 configuration.

The MET Contract Annex 27 covers a three years implementation activity plus flight test activity: the Integration activities of both Weapons in a common Software load with one unique Panavia Service Release Recommendation (PSRR) by December 2015 (36 months activity, the activity has already launched by an ITP on November 2012). All the Panavia Partner Companies are involved, mainly Alenia Aermacchi and CASSIDIAN as well as the suppliers BOING and ATK.

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