World Wide Air.. The 21st Century VA

logofinWe want pilots, co-pilots too, who want to fly any airplane they desire all over the planet! We are the first VA that gives the pilot freedom to enjoy their flights without rules and regulations that after two or three flights want to fly out of it.

Here’s the deal with us: you download our “Flight Kits” every month. In them you will find your flights for the month in some country in the planet.

You are given the characteristics of the geography you will be flying in and you choose your mount (aircraft). It’s up to you. A DC-3? Fine! A Bombardier? Good if the airfields can take it…Our board of directors will be happy you are doing a good job and having a ball flying passenger and freight (sometimes live animals–like chickens to a remote mountain village out in Bolivia or Tajikistan! in a DH-6). We encourage you to keep a flying log but it’s up to you and your discipline.

Our Monthly Kits are of the simple kind: just flights we suggest, or “Super”, these gives the pilot: original scenery, real airports or airfields FSX forgot to place in the world! New landclass and objects. World Wide Air is waiting for you…you decide. More info at our hangar.

Download the first kit and you are given a slot automatically!

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