Real Aviation Video

Gulfstream Girl pilot flying a jet. Takeoff, alternator failure & landing.

mqdefaultGulfstream Girl flying a Gulfstream jet. She takes off, the alternator fails and power to some flight instruments is lost, they troubleshoot and GG continues to land the plane.

The flight instruments appear to flicker throughout the flight – this is only a camera illusion. When the alternator fails, the instrument panel gets dark and then a red flag appears on the right EFIS.

About GG: Gulfstream Girl spent many years as an international fashion model and spokesperson, with clients including Chanel, Christian Dior, and Vogue. After many successful years in the modeling industry, she was ready for longer runways and became a licensed commercial pilot. Always looking for the next challenge, she continued on to become a certified flight instructor and Gulfstream II, GIII & GIV pilot in command.

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