FSX – Pilotable Canadian Schooner Bluenose II

Schoner Bluenose II sailing

FSX – Pilotable Canadian Schooner Bluenose II. This ship was launched 1946 as a replic of the famous grand banks fishing and racing schooner Bluenose, which sailed from 1921 to 1946. Jean-Pierre Fillion made an FSX AI ship to show her beauty. This add-on comes with three different versions: 1. Bluenose II anchoring. 2. With all the sails set as pilotable ship. 3. In the VC mode (F9) in an external view you’ll see the schooner motoring. There is no 2D panel, just a GPS as main panel. It is supposed to sail the ship from the first camera-position. Six more cameras allows you to see the deck and to reach the mast salings or the jibyard. Features for a pilotable version by Erwin Welker.

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