London Oxford Airport Announces two new destinations

7e72072ef53042f6c38c76ef0c883e0aLondon Oxford Airport announced two new scheduled destinations to be operated by regional carrier Minoan Air. The new routes will be introduced from March, 2013.

Frequency on both routes will increase from 10th May to twice daily (Monday to Friday) and once on Sundays. The routes will be flown by Minoan Air’s Fokker 50 aircraft, featuring a full in-flight service to business class standards for all passengers.

Andi Pargeter, Managing Director of London Oxford Airport, said: “We are delighted to welcome these new Minoan Air scheduled services to two key destinations, which will suit leisure and business travelers alike. London Oxford Airport boasts first-class facilities and our strategic location with no other commercial airports within an hour in all directions, makes Oxford the ideal location from which Minoan Air can expand its route network.”

Andi added: “2013 marks the 80th anniversary of when Oxford City Council decided to have a municipal airport to serve Oxford back in 1933. It’s been rather a long time, but today marks the establishment of Oxford’s first based commercial airline operation, something the councilors of that period probably thought they might see a little sooner.”

Minoan flights to Edinburgh will take an hour and a half, making a day return to Scotland a practical choice,” she added. “The two cities have a lot of synergy, but rail journeys between Oxford and Edinburgh can typically take six hours or more and with rail fares between the two cities averaging more than £200, the direct flights will definitely appeal to business passengers who have previously had to factor an overnight stay into their visits.”

London Oxford Airport offers passengers short check-in times, passenger drop off just 20ft from the check-in desks, security just 15ft further and the departure lounge just a few steps from the security point. Aircraft are parked just 75ft away from the departure lounge and the overall passenger experience is as straightforward and stress free as possible.

Confirming the new services, Marcos Caramalengos, Chief Commercial Officer of Minoan Air, said: “We were keen to expand our operations into the UK market place and our research identified London Oxford Airport as the ideal location to inaugurate these services, offering great traffic potential. We are confident passengers will enjoy our service offering and we are already considering the possibility of introducing further routes from Oxford.”

Source: London Oxford Airport

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