FSX – Pilotable Double-Pack Submarines Of The Cold War

Juliett with open tubes firing missile

FSX – Pilotable Double-Pack Submarines Of The Cold War. There is the USS Nautilus, the very first nuclear submarine and the Soviet submarine of the Project 651, in the western area known as Juliett-class. This diesel-electric propelled boat was armed with four nuclear-capable cruise missiles, which could be launched while the submarine was surfaced. The pilotable boats have rotatable periscopes, conning bridge and internal views. Six or seven cameras allows you to explore the boats. Special effects, like simulated missile launch, and special sounds are included and the configuration for ten more special sounds is prepared. The models are made by Lazarus Starkweather. Panel and configuration for all the special features by Erwin Welker.

19,5 MB

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