Airborne ISR 2013

c11e3b8a4d8f190031c9e9691656bb70Airborne ISR Conference will take place between 25th and 27th February, 2013 in London, United Kingdom.

Over the last 8 years, Airborne ISR has become the Europe’s foremost event for the Airborne ISR industry with directors and operators of Air ISR technology from both military and industry coming together to discuss the most prevalent issues of the time. With in-depth asset analysis and examination of how best to achieve future ambitions it seeks to give both requirement and operational updates.

Airborne ISR 2013 will focus on:

– Analysis of current ISTAR capability and future ISTAR requirements, with an examination of the balance between manned and unmanned intelligence collection;
– The developing role of the UAV in ISTAR missions, with insight and discussion from both senior military and prime industry leaders;
– Developments into information management and exploitation of data analysis and how to optimise intelligence gathered from ISR missions;
– Insights into evolving ISR technologies and sensor equipment for both manned and unmanned platforms;
– Understanding evolving roles and flexibility of existing platforms and discussion of upgrade options for sensor equipment and platform performance.

Key Military Organisations You Will Meet in 2013:

Royal Air Force;
US Army;
Polish Armed Forces;
French Army;
French Air Force;
USAF Europe;
Swiss Air Force;
Royal Danish Air Force;
Turkish Air Force;


More information here: Airborne ISR

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