Combat Pilot – CTO

cp-ad-365x297It’s about to get very real.

Our first recruits are approaching the end of their basic training. With wings proudly thrust forward, they are striding on towards Fighter Lead-in, all to prepare them for the onslaught which is Combat Training Operations (CTO), the next unveil within the Combat Pilot Universe.

This will be the first time you are flying a real combat aircraft (every prospective graduate is awarded an F/A -18C) in our multiplayer universe

CTO includes an average of 15 unique missions tailored to the type of aircraft you have chosen. Mission types can include:

1. Air-to-Air Weapons Deployment
2. Air-to-Ground Weapons Deployment
3. In-Flight Refueling
4. Carrier Operations / Qualifications

For each of the mission types, CTO includes both check rides flown in the simulators and adrenaline-fuelled multiplayer missions flown alongside your class-mates. You can earn rewards (or suffer penalties if you crash or get shot down) to take with you further in the series. Upon graduation, you will be combat rated and ready for the next instalment….

Everyone gets the F/A-18C as part of their active subscription. If you want to fly a different aircraft, they are available for purchase (with an average price $9.99…some will be more and some are less).

If you think you are ready, simply download, and start your new trial career today for free.

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