Tec4Jets adds Embraer E-Jet to capability

0ffc478e3b0b99282f4ef84dcecf5833TUI Travel PLC subsidiary Tec4Jets has gained approval expansion from the Belgian CAA to perform line maintenance services and AOG support on the Embraer E-Jet series airplanes. Base maintenance services will be added by the beginning of March this year. The Embraer E-jet is added to the Belgian EASA Part-145 approval of Tec4Jets in relation to its base Brussels Airport.

Tec4Jets will perform the line and base maintenance for the newly delivered Embraer E190’s of Jetairfly, as well as contracted line maintenance, AOG support and base maintenance for third party airlines. An example is Air Europa from Spain, for which line maintenance on their Embraer E195’s and Boeing 737-800’s will be performed at Brussels Airport.

Due to this achievement, Tec4Jets is from now on able to provide line maintenance services and AOG support for airlines operating Airbus A320 series and line and base maintenance and AOG support for airlines operating Boeing 737-“Classic”, 737-“Next Generation”, Boeing 767 and Embraer E-Jet type airplanes to and from Brussels Airport.

At Brussels Airport, Tec4Jets has the skilled manpower, spare parts, tooling and equipment and hangar facilities available to insure that airlines are serviced fast and in an efficient way, so that they can resume their operations with a minimum of loss of time. Tec4Jets performs both line- and base maintenance up to but not including C-checks.

Source/Photo: Tec4Jets

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