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Embraer Executive Jets flies second Legacy 500 prototype

62b4181755668530e0b33fcab931e5aaIn the wake of November’s highly successful maiden flight of the Legacy 500, the first, full fly-by-wire midsize business aircraft in the corporate aircraft industry, Embraer Executive Jets’ second Legacy 500 made its maiden flight today, officially entering the flight test and certification program.

“The test program is proceeding as planned and now that Serial Number Two has flown, the test campaign will accelerate for this break-through midsize jet,” said Ernest Edwards, President, Embraer Executive Jets. “The initial flight test feedback has been very favorable. The aircraft and systems overall performance is above expectation.”

The Legacy 500 has flown more than 44 hours in 23 flights since its first flight on November 27, 2012. Initial envelope clearances, including flying qualities, systems evaluation and Engine/APU air starts, have been completed. In late January, the aircraft performed a series of natural stalls with expected results. Reports indicate that systems, performance and flying qualities are excellent.

The second Legacy 500 prototype will be dedicated primarily to aircraft systems development and certification. The test program, as well as numerous other work that continues in tandem with the flight test program, is designed to ensure the maturity of the Legacy 500, its systems, interior and customer support before the aircraft enters service in 2014. The maturity program ensures customers will have the smoothest possible entry into service.

As the first midsize clean-sheet design in 15 years, the Legacy 500 is the only midsize business aircraft with full fly-by-wire technology, resulting in complete envelope protection, which improves safety, efficiency and passenger comfort. It has the longest range in its class at 3,000 nautical miles and represents the next generation of midsize corporate jets. It is the first midsize jet with a full, six-foot, stand-up cabin with flat floor and an award-winning interior design for the largest cabin in its class. It is the only midsize jet with a wet galley. It offers the best high-speed cruise and the best cabin pressurization at 6,000 feet.

The Legacy 500 is expected to have the same disruptive influence on business aviation as that experienced by the telecommunications industry with the advent of the smart phone. It is already the recipient of four international innovation and design awards.

Source/Photo: Embraer

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