Japan Airlines Virtual Hiring Staff

logo.fwJapan Airlines Virtual (JAL Virtual) is currently looking for new staff to join the staff team at JAL Virtual. We are in urgent need of having these staff positions filled. Please apply today!

Open Staff Positions

  • Vice Executive Officer (Vice CEO): The primary functions of the Vice Executive Officer is to work with the CEO on major decision making within the company. An effective second in command. VEO has veto power along with the CEO on the Board of Directors.
  • Hub Managers: RJAA, RJBB, RJOO, RJTT. Hub managers are responsible for ensuring their hub(s) runs smoothly. This includes providing routes to and from their airfield, charts, scenery and acting as first line supervisors to members in their hub.
  • Chief Pilots: 787, 777, 767, 747, 737, MD11. Chief Pilots are the lead pilot of their respective aircraft. They provide assistance and training to pilots of JAL Virtual of their aircraft. They also write Standard Operation Procedures (SOP’s) of their aircraft for the VA.
  • Training Division: Chief Training Executive and Vice Training Executive positions are open. The main responsibility of the training staff is to develop and run a training academy at JAL Virtual.

More information and how to apply can be found here:

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